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Render just the Agda snippets of a literate Agda file to HTML

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LTS Haskell 6.35:2.5.1@rev:1
Stackage Nightly 2016-05-25:2.5.1
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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Liam O'Connor
This version can be pinned in stack with:agda-snippets-2.5.1@sha256:1908513b0461f0e67f6618a82bee001014febf21092198dde5160eb59a38be5c,2774

Module documentation for 2.5.1

This library provides a very simple function that translates just the code blocks of a literate Agda file to colourised, hyperlinked HTML. The output of this can then be run through Pandoc or other document processors to allow literate Agda to be comfortably written in any format that allows inline HTML snippets.

There is also a simple command-line application (agda-snippets) included that can be used as a standalone file processor.

The location of library source hyperlinks is configurable, as is the CSS class given to Agda code blocks.

This package is pinned to particular Agda versions, and therefore does not obey the PVP, as Agda does not. You should use whichever version of this library corresponds to the Agda version you wish to use.

The development version of this library, available from GitHub, may work with development versions of Agda, although it could be broken at any time. If you stick to stable versions, you should be fine.