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Maintained by Ryan Scott
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Provides Template Haskell functions that mimic deriving extensions that were introduced or modified in recent versions of GHC. Currently, the following extensions are covered:

  • DeriveFoldable
  • DeriveFunctor
  • DeriveTraversable

The following changes have been backported:

  • In GHC 8.0, DeriveFoldable was changed to allow folding over data types with existential constraints.
  • In GHC 8.0, DeriveFoldable and DeriveTraversable were changed so as not to generate superfluous mempty or pure expressions in generated code. As a result, this allows deriving Traversable instances for datatypes with unlifted argument types.

Note that some recent GHC extensions are not covered by this package:

  • DeriveGeneric, which was introducted in GHC 7.2 for deriving Generic instances, and modified in GHC 7.6 to allow derivation of Generic1 instances. Use Generics.Deriving.TH from generic-deriving to derive Generic(1) using Template Haskell.
  • DeriveLift, which was introduced in GHC 8.0 for deriving Lift instances. Use Language.Haskell.TH.Lift from th-lift to derive Lift using Template Haskell.



  • Added support for GHC 8.0
  • Added Data.Functor.Deriving and Data.Traversable.Deriving, which allow deriving Functor and Traversable with TH.
  • Added Data.Deriving, which reexports all other modules


  • Initial commit