Write end2end web application tests using webdriver and hspec https://bitbucket.org/wuzzeb/webdriver-utils

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MIT licensed and maintained by John Lenz

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This package integrates hspec with hs-webdriver, allowing you to write webdriver tests using hspec. This package contains no code testing the hspec-webdriver package itself. The webdriver-angular package contains some test code which test both the Angular webdriver commands in webdriver-angular and some tests of functions in hspec-webdriver.



  • Support for webdriver 0.8. The API in hspec-webdriver itself did not change, but we re-export WebDriver.Commands so I bumped the major version. In fact, there were only a few minor changes in the Commands module (most of the changes in webdriver were to session management which is handled internally), so it is likely that your test suite will compile without changes.


  • Allow newer versions of hspec and HUnit


  • Fix so that the package builds against webdriver 0.6.1


  • Increase upper bound on hspec to allow hspec 2.1


  • Update to hspec2. All the same features are present but some of the types changed to reflect hspec2 types.


  • Update to the new hspec 1.12 API


  • Convert inspectSession to turn into a pending example instead of throwing an error.


  • Add support for testing multiple sessions at once

    • multiSession, multiSessionWith, and runWDWith are the new functions
    • the type of runWD and WDExample changed
  • Update to hspec 0.11 and webdriver 0.6

    • changed sessionOn to sessionWith to work with new webdriver WDConfig
    • TestCapabilities(newCaps) changed type to @c -> IO [email protected]


  • Add inspectSession to assist debugging the test suite


  • Allow newer version of hspec


  • Allow newer version of hspec


  • Convert to use webdriver sessions


  • Initial Release