Amazon Elastic Load Balancing SDK.

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Amazon Elastic Load Balancing SDK




Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing distributes incoming traffic across your EC2 instances.

For information about the features of Elastic Load Balancing, see < What Is Elastic Load Balancing?> in the /Elastic Load Balancing Developer Guide/.

For information about the AWS regions supported by Elastic Load Balancing, see < Regions and Endpoints - Elastic Load Balancing> in the /Amazon Web Services General Reference/.

All Elastic Load Balancing operations are /idempotent/, which means that they complete at most one time. If you repeat an operation, it succeeds with a 200 OK response code.

Documentation is available via Hackage and the AWS API Reference.

The types from this library are intended to be used with amazonka, which provides mechanisms for specifying AuthN/AuthZ information and sending requests.

Use of lenses is required for constructing and manipulating types. This is due to the amount of nesting of AWS types and transparency regarding de/serialisation into more palatable Haskell values. The provided lenses should be compatible with any of the major lens libraries lens or lens-family-core.


For any problems, comments, or feedback please create an issue here on GitHub.

Note: this library is an auto-generated Haskell package. Please see amazonka-gen for more information.


amazonka-elb is released under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

Parts of the code are derived from AWS service descriptions, licensed under Apache 2.0. Source files subject to this contain an additional licensing clause in their header.