Giphy HTTP API wrapper and CLI search tool.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Pascal Hartig
Maintained by Pascal Hartig
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A Haskell wrapper for the Giphy HTTP API using servant-client.


The module provides a Giphy monad which can be run with runGiphy to lift it into IO. Here’s a simple usage example:

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

import qualified Data.Text as T
import qualified Web.Giphy as Giphy

apiKey :: Giphy.Key
apiKey = Giphy.Key "dc6zaTOxFJmzC"

sample :: IO ()
sample = do
  let config = Giphy.GiphyConfig apiKey
  resp <- Giphy.runGiphy (app "puppies") config
  print resp

    app :: T.Text -> Giphy.Giphy [Giphy.Gif]
    app q = do
      resp <- $ Giphy.Query q
      return $ Giphy._searchItems resp

For a slightly more complex example, check out the sample app, which also features the use of lenses.


Use stack to build this library.

$ stack setup
$ stack test
# Drop the flag if you don't want the sample app to be built.
$ stack build --flag=giphy-api:buildSample
# To install the sample tool
$ stack install

Sample CLI Tool Usage

$ giphy-search --help

Usage: giphy-search ([-s|--search ARG] | [-t|--translate ARG] | [RANDOM_TAG])
  Find GIFs on the command line.

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  -s,--search ARG          Use search to find a matching GIF.
  -t,--translate ARG       Use translate to find a matching GIF.
  -V,--version             Show version information
$ giphy-search puppies
$ giphy-search --translate superman
$ giphy-search "1C4D539A-B787-497F-B1DC-8FCF8D2C026D"

Missing features

  • No network configuration. No proxies, no TLS certificate pinning, no custom networking stack. I’m still learning, let me know how to do this better!

  • There is no compiler flag at the moment to disable lenses if those aren’t needed. The library, however, uses microlens so the overhead should be minimal.

  • The “Stickers” API endpoints are currently not covered. If you need them, let me know. PRs obviously very welcome.

  • Some fields are currently not exposed. Again, if you need them, open an issue. For example, I have never seen a type value other than “gif” so I decided to skip it.




  • Upgrade to Servant 0.6. When running the Giphy monad it is now possible to provide a custom HTTP manager.


  • Upgrade to Servant 0.5. No changes in the API, but it’s not in Stackage yet (as of 2016-03-30).


  • Clarify servant bounds.


  • Include extra source files for stackage test suite.


  • Losen upper bounds for Stackage inclusion (aeson 0.11 compat).


  • Retrieve single GIFs via GifId.
  • Another attempt in reducing the deps on Hackage.


  • Expose RandomResponse(..) type for non-lens use.


  • Make sample app optional via build flag buildSample. This dramatically reduces the dependency graph.


  • Initial release.