Utilities for choosing and creating color schemes.

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BSD3 licensed by Jeffrey Rosenbluth
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Predefined color schemes and tools for creating custom schemes.

To install,

cabal install palette

Changes (8 May 2018)

  • Allow base-4.11
  • Warning fixes

0.3 (30 April 2018)

  • New module Data.Colour.Palette.RandomColor, for making random choices of colors and palettes
  • New colorRamp function (23 Sep 2017)

  • allow base-4.10 for GHC-8.2 (22 August 2017)

  • documentation fix (6 August 2016)

  • minor tweaks to .cabal file (2016-02-14)

  • allow base-4.9 for GHC-8.0

  • define Kolor in Types module Initial release

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