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Module documentation for 0.1.2

There are no documented modules for this package.

Tool to query package metadata in Stackage


Revision history for stackage-query

0.1.2 -- 2017-09-11

  • drop update command
  • always update to latest Stackage data from git
  • error if no package found

0.1.1 -- 2017-07-02

  • new commands for constraints, dependencies, executables, and modules
  • tools command can now take optional package arg
  • latest command now git pulls
  • update command shows new shortlog
  • git pull is now quiet
  • add --version option

0.1.0 -- 2017-04-24

  • initial release on Hackage with commands to query package versions, reverse deps, Stackage owners, latest snapshots, and no of consumers.

Local Variables:

mode: text


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