GLFW OpenGL context creation for GPipe

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MIT licensed and maintained by Patrick Redmond
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GPipe-GLFW is a utility library to enable the use of GLFW as the OpenGL window and context handler for GPipe. GPipe is a typesafe functional API based on the conceptual model of OpenGL.



  • Split Wrapped module to Window and Misc modules.
  • Don’t expose ErrorCallback, do expose the Error type for custom error callbacks.
  • Switch from ad-hoc parenting for shared contexts, to the “ancestor” pattern described in #24.
  • Adjustments to debug logging format.
  • Add smoketest for window close functions & sequential GPipe windows.
  • Bump deps to GPipe-2.2.1


  • Rewrite for new window handling interface.
  • Separate smoke tests to own package.


  • Overhaul Graphics.GPipe.Context.GLFW.Input to expose most of the functionality in GLFW Input guide.


  • SwiftsNamesake bumped version constraints.
  • Add a smoke test and stubs for shared-context tests.


  • grtlr added scroll callback registration.
  • Add a readme to be a good citizen and update documentation.


  • bch29 refactored and added new GLFW input callback registration functions as well as the unsafe module to access the GLFW window directly.


  • bch29 exposed more of the underlying GLFW hints.