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CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - Verilog backend

LTS Haskell 9.21:0.7.2
Stackage Nightly 2017-07-25:0.7.2
Latest on Hackage:0.7.2

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BSD-2-Clause licensed by Christiaan Baaij
Maintained by Christiaan Baaij
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Module documentation for 0.7.2

clash-verilog - Verilog backend for the CλaSH compiler

  • See the LICENSE file for license and copyright details

CλaSH - A functional hardware description language

CλaSH (pronounced ‘clash’) is a functional hardware description language that borrows both its syntax and semantics from the functional programming language Haskell. The CλaSH compiler transforms these high-level descriptions to low-level synthesizable VHDL, Verilog, or SystemVerilog.

Features of CλaSH:

  • Strongly typed (like VHDL), yet with a very high degree of type inference, enabling both safe and fast prototying using consise descriptions (like Verilog).

  • Interactive REPL: load your designs in an interpreter and easily test all your component without needing to setup a test bench.

  • Higher-order functions, with type inference, result in designs that are fully parametric by default.

  • Synchronous sequential circuit design based on streams of values, called Signals, lead to natural descriptions of feedback loops.

  • Support for multiple clock domains, with type safe clock domain crossing.


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Changelog for the clash-systemverilog package


  • New features:
    • Sum-of-product types: unused bits now “don’t-care” #212

0.7.1 April 11th 2017

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Incorrect unsigned->signed wrap-around and conversion

0.7 January 16th 2017

  • New features:
    • Support clash-prelude 0.11

0.6.10 *October 17th 20168

  • Fixes bugs:
    • CLaSH.Sized.Vector.imap primitive gets indices in reverse order

0.6.9 August 18th 2016

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Fix primitives for {Signed,Unsigned} rotateL# and rotateR# #169

0.6.8 August 3rd 2016

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Fix primitive for CLaSH.Sized.Internal.Signed.mod# and GHC.Type.Integer.modInteger #164

0.6.7 July 15th 2016

  • New features:
    • Support clash-lib-0.6.18

0.6.6 March 11th 2016

  • Support clash-lib 0.6.11

0.6.5 January 29th 2016

  • New features:
    • Support clash-lib-0.6.9
    • Support for Debug.Trace.trace, thanks to @ggreif

0.6.4 January 13th 2016

  • New features:
    • Support for Haskell’s: Char, Int8, Int16, Int32, Int64, Word, Word8, Word16, Word32, Word64.
    • Int/Word/Integer bitwidth for generated Verilog is configurable using the -clash-intwidth=N flag, where N can be either 32 or 64.

0.6.3 November 17th 2015

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Name collision in verilog code #93
    • Integer literals missing “32’sd” prefix when used in assignments.
    • HO-primitives incorrect for nested vectors.

0.6.2 October 21st 2015

  • New features:
    • Support clash-prelude 0.10.2

0.6.1 October 16th 2015

  • New features:
    • Support for clash-prelude 0.10.1


  • New features:
    • Support clash-prelude-0.10

0.5.10 September 21st 2015

  • New features:
    • Report simulation time in assert messages

0.5.9 September 14th 2015

  • Support for clash-lib-0.5.12

0.5.8 September 7th 2015

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Fix primitive for CLaSH.Sized.Internal.Signed.size# #72
    • rem and quot on Signed are broken #73

0.5.7 June 26th 2015

  • New features:
    • Generate Verilog-2001 instead of Verilog-2005: generated Verilog is now accepted by Altera/Quartus

0.5.6 June 25th 2015

  • New features:

    • Support clash-prelude-0.9
  • Fixes bug:

    • Can not operate “shiftR” on Int #63
    • Fail to generate verilog when using “quot” and “div” on Index #64

0.5.5 June 3rd 2015

  • Initial release