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Maintained by Daniel Díaz (dhelta `dot` diaz `at` gmail `dot` com)
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HaTeX User’s Guide

Welcome to the HaTeX User’s Guide!

A pdf version (created from the LaTeX output) can be downloaded from here.

An online version (created from the HTML output) can be seen here.

Building the guide

To build the guide, first you need to install the library.

Installing from Hackage

Using cabal-install you can install the library directly from Hackage.

$ cabal install hatex-guide

The installed package includes a small library which exports a function called writeGuide. This function has a parameter indicating the format of the output. For example, writeGuide LaTeX will write the output in the current directory in LaTeX format. Read the package documentation to know about the supported formats.

Once the package is installed, run GHCi and run the following session.

$ import Text.LaTeX.Guide
$ writeGuide LaTeX

Installing HEAD version

Run the following commands to download and install the HEAD version. Requires git and cabal.

$ git clone [email protected]:Daniel-Diaz/hatex-guide.git
$ cd hatex-guide
$ cabal install

Once installed, import Text.LaTeX.Guide and use writeGuide to build the actual guide. Depending on the argument used for writeGuide, the output will have a different format. For example, writeGuide LaTeX will output in the current directory a .tex file of the guide.

Contributing to the guide

There are several things to keep in mind to contribute to the guide. If you contribute, do not forget to add your name to the contributors list which you can find in the Text.LaTeX.Guide.Info module.


Each section of the guide is written in a different file. Every section is stored in the src folder in the repository. The order in which each section appears in the guide is determined by the sectionList constant defined in the Text.LaTeX.Guide.Info module.


The syntax used to write the guide is described in Text.LaTeX.Guide.Syntax. The current content can also be helpful to understand it.


When including images, it is required to save them in the res directory, and include their file name in the otherResources value defined in the Text.LaTeX.Guide.Info module.