Organized and simple web page scaffold for blaze and lucid

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MIT licensed and maintained by Athan Clark

Module documentation for 0.0.5

This is a general organization scheme for web pages, implemented for Lucid, and adapted for Blaze-html.

 import Web.Page.Lucid

 λ> renderText $ template def "some content"

 ↪ "<!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head><title></title><link href
   rel="icon"></head><body>some content</body></html>"

overload the particular areas with record syntax and stuff:

 λ> let page = def

title = "foo" > , bodyScripts = script_ [src_ "jquery.js"] "" > > > λ> template page "some content" > > ↪ "HTMLhtmlheadtitlefoo/title > /headbodysome content<script > src="jquery.js">/script/body/html"

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