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Within LTS Haskell 9.9 (ghc-8.0.2)

  1. step :: (MonadIO m, Serialize a, Typeable a) => m a -> Workflow m a

    Workflow Control.Workflow

    Lifts a monadic computation to the WF monad, and provides transparent state loging and resuming the computation Note: Side effect can be repeated at recovery time if the log was not complete before shut down see the integer sequence example, above.

  2. stepExec :: (Typeable t, Serialize t, MonadIO m) => DBRef Stat -> m t -> m (DBRef Stat, t)

    Workflow Control.Workflow

    No documentation available.

  3. stepWFRef :: (Serialize a, Typeable a, MonadIO m) => m a -> Workflow m (WFRef a, a)

    Workflow Control.Workflow

    Execute an step and return a reference to the result besides the result itself

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