Compile Fay code on cabal install, and ad-hoc recompile during development

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Silk B.V.
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For an introduction please see the post on the Silk Engineering blog.


fay-builder is available on Hackage, to install it:

cabal install fay-builder



  • Allow Cabal < 1.24

  • Allow base 4.8.* and filepath 1.4.*

  • Allow fay 0.23.*.

  • Allow fay 0.22.*.

  • Allow fay 0.21


  • Add flag x-fay-strict-modules, specifying modules that should get a strict wrapper.
  • Add flag x-fay-library, indicating that no main function should be called.
  • Export new readField function.
  • Signature for fayConfig has changed.
  • Clarify license as BSD3. (2014-04-29)

  • Use fay 0.20

  • Initial release
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