Compositional pipelines

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Gabriel Gonzalez
Maintained by Gabriel439@gmail.com
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Module documentation for 4.2.0

pipes is a clean and powerful stream processing library that lets you build and connect reusable streaming components

Advantages over traditional streaming libraries:

  • Concise API: Use simple commands like for, (>->), await, and yield

  • Blazing fast: Implementation tuned for speed, including shortcut fusion

  • Lightweight Dependency: pipes is small and compiles very rapidly, including dependencies

  • Elegant semantics: Use practical category theory

  • ListT: Correct implementation of ListT that interconverts with pipes

  • Bidirectionality: Implement duplex channels

  • Extensive Documentation: Second to none!

Import Pipes to use the library.

Read Pipes.Tutorial for an extensive tutorial.