X11-specific implementation for WildBind https://github.com/debug-ito/wild-bind

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Toshio Ito

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X11 FrontEnd for WildBind.

See https://github.com/debug-ito/wild-bind for WildBind in general.


Toshio Ito


Revision history for wild-bind-x11 -- 2018-02-06

  • Confirmed test with async-2.2.1. -- 2018-01-01

  • Fix crash when some kind of window (e.g. xdvi) is active.
  • Remove KeySymLike and ModifierLike classes.
  • Add XMod, KeyEventType, XKeyEvent, X11Front types.
  • Add XKeyInput, ToXKeyEvent classes.
  • Add withX11Front, makeFrontEnd, press, release, addXMod, shift, alt, ctrl, super, defaultRootWindow functions.
  • Add WildBind.X11.Emulate, WildBind.X11.Emulate.Example and WildBind.X11.KeySym modules.
  • Changed signature of xGrabKey and xUngrabKey functions. -- 2017-07-21

  • Confirmed build with time-1.8. -- 2017-02-10

  • Confirmed build with X11-1.8. -- 2017-01-24

  • Confirmed build with hspec-2.4.0. -- 2016-12-15

  • Confirmed build with X11-1.7. -- 2016-11-27

  • Confirmed test with time-1.7. -- 2016-10-09

  • Confirmed build with hspec-2.3.0. -- 2016-09-22

  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.
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