Simple String-based process commands

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Some simple String wrappers of readProcess, readProcessWithExitCode, rawSystem from the Haskell process library.


import SimpleCmd
cmd_ :: String -> [String] -> IO ()

outputs to stdout. For example

cmd_ "git" ["clone", url]

This can shortened to git_ "clone" [url].

cmd :: String -> [String] -> IO String

returns stdout as a String.

There are also cmdBool, cmdMaybe, cmdList, shell, and others.

Other examples:

gitBranch :: IO String
grep_ pat file :: IO Bool
sudo c args :: IO ()

See the library documentation for more details.


Revision history for simple-cmd

0.1.2 – 2018-10-28

  • grep
  • improve haddock documentation

0.1.1 – 2018-10-02

  • cmdLines
  • Git: grepGitConfig
  • new Rpm: rpmspec – 2018-09-13

  • Initial release, providing: cmd, cmd_, cmdBool, cmdMaybe, cmdStdIn, cmdlog, cmdN, cmdIgnoreErr, cmdQuiet, cmdSilent, cmdStdErr, egrep_, grep_, logMsg, removePrefix, removeStrictPrefix, removeSuffix, shell, shell_, sudo, (+-+)
  • A few git commands

Local Variables:

mode: text


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