ISO 3166-2:US state codes and i18n names

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This package provides the ISO 3166-2:US state codes and i18n names. This work is entirely based on the package Data.CountryCodes.

Local Development

  1. Fork the project on GitHub and clone your fork locally.

    $ git clone
    $ cd state-codes
    $ git remote add upstream
  2. Install Stack.

  3. Get the appropriate GHC for the project.

    $ stack setup
  4. If you want to launch a REPL and have fun with this program.

    $ stack repl

Issues & Support

Please file tickets for bug or problems.


Edits and enhancements are welcome. Just fork the repository, make your changes and send me a pull request.


The code in this repository is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.
Please see the LICENSE file for details.

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