FFI interface to syslog(3) from POSIX.1-2001 https://github.com/peti/hsyslog

Version on this page:5.0.2
LTS Haskell 13.23:5.0.2
Stackage Nightly 2019-05-27:5.0.2
Latest on Hackage:5.0.2

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Peter Simons, John Lato, Jonathan Childress
Maintained by Peter Simons

Module documentation for 5.0.2

There are no documented modules for this package.

A Haskell interface to syslog(3) as specified in POSIX.1-2008. The entire public API lives in System.Posix.Syslog. There is a set of exposed modules available underneath that one, which contain various implementation details that may be useful to other developers who want to implement syslog-related functionality. Users of syslog, however, do not need them.

An example program that demonstrates how to use this library is available in the examples directory of this package.

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