Several options for thread-local-storage (TLS) in Haskell.

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See .cabal file for description.

Here are some example benchmark results (on an Ivy Bridge i7-3770), with a typical time of 10.4 nanoseconds to get to a TLS variable given one IO thread per OS thread:

example benchmarks


0.2 [2018.07.01]

  • thread-local-storage now checks that threads calling Data.TLS.PThread.getTLS are bound threads, and throws a runtime error if this is not the case.

    For this reason, if you call getTLS in a thread spawned by forkOn, it will break with this release, so you are encouraged to switch uses of forkOn to forkOS.

0.1.2 [2017.06.23]

  • Fix the benchmark suite with criterion-1.2

0.1.1 [2017.01.22]

  • Expose Data.TLS.PThread.Internal. Note that there are no API guarantees whatsoever with this module, so use it with caution.
  • Add pthread to extra-libraries. Without it, some systems suffer from linker errors when using this library.
  • Fix build on GHC 7.6 and 7.8.
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