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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Henning Thielemann

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There are no documented modules for this package.

SafeHaskell introduced the notion of safe and unsafe modules. In order to make as many as possible modules "safe", the well-known unsafe functions were moved to distinguished modules. This makes it hard to write packages that work with both old and new versions of GHC. This package provides a single module System.Unsafe that exports the unsafe functions from the base package. It provides them in a style ready for qualification, that is, you should import them by

import qualified System.Unsafe as Unsafe

The package also contains a script called rename-unsafe.sh. It replaces all occurrences of the original identifiers with the qualified identifiers from this package. You still have to adapt the import commands. It uses the darcs-replace-rec script from the darcs-scripts package.

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