Parser and pretty printer for Egison pattern expressions to use with TH

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by coord_e
Maintained by coord_e, Satoshi Egi

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Egison Pattern Source (Template Haskell Mode)

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The egison-pattern-src-th-mode provides a parser and pretty printer for egison-pattern-src to use it with Template Haskell.


egison-pattern-src-th-mode is distributed as open source software under the terms of the 3 clause BSD License. See LICENSE for details.


  • Fix use of external parsers to delimit input with ,, ), or ] (change in egison-pattern-src)
  • Enable to parse value expression in the form of #[1, 2, 3] without parentheses (change in egison-pattern-src)
    • Now you can pass list literal directly to value patterns

Breaking changes:

  • Add ParseMode record to pass parser configurations (change in #19)
  • Remove the dependency on egison-pattern-src-haskell-mode (change in #19)
  • Provide several variants of parsers (location annotation/non-greedy) by adding Parsable instance (change in #19)
  • Some changes in egison-pattern-src are inherited here. For details, see CHANGELOG in egison-pattern-src-

  • Add parseExprWithParseFixities to configure parsers flexibly (e.g. parse as ++, but interpret it as join)

  • Initial Release