Anonymous records via named tuples

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Chris Done
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Declare and access tuple fields with labels

This package is experimental, exploring the design space opened up by the implemented and to-be-implemented work on extensible records in GHC.

Note: You need GHC 8.0.1.

Basic examples

The haddock docs are here.

Enable these extensions:

  • In GHCi: :set -XOverloadedLabels -XTypeOperators -XDataKinds -XFlexibleContexts

  • In a module: {-# LANGUAGE OverloadedLabels, TypeOperators, DataKinds, FlexibleContexts #-}

Let’s use GHCi:

> import Labels
> :set -XOverloadedLabels -XTypeOperators -XDataKinds -XFlexibleContexts