a simple, pure LRU cache

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Carl Howells
Maintained by

This package contains a simple, pure LRU cache, implemented in terms of Data.Map.

It also contains a mutable IO wrapper providing atomic updates to an LRU cache.


* Bumped version bound on containers. Pull request contributed by mstksg
* Finally fixed long-standing error in insertInforming

* fix build warning on GHC 7.10
* add insertInforming
* add instances for Data, Typeable, Foldable, and Traversable
* add functions for compatibility with lens

* move changelog to hackage 2 approved location

* Test for containers >= 0.5, rather than GHC >= 7.6

* Make actually compatible with containers 0.5 - fix strictness issue

* Fix containers upper bound for GHC 7.6.

** 1.1.1
* Add an additional modification function for AtomicLRUCache.

* Update containers constraint to allow containers from ghc-7

** 1.1
* Add a Functor instance for LRUCache.
* Add a generic modification function for AtomicLRUCache.

** 1.0
* Breaking API changes:
1) The newLRU smart constructor now makes the maximum
size optional.
2) The delete function now returns the value removed, if
one was.

* A function was added to remove the least-recently used element in
the LRU.

** 0.3
* Added a Show instance for LRU. (Requested by Ben Lee)

* Increase strictness slightly.
* Remove cabal target for test executable.
* (Just include test sources instead.)

** 0.2
* Added an Eq instance for LRU.
* Added strictness to eliminate space leaks in common use patterns.

** 0.1.1
* Add the Data.Cache.LRU.IO.Internal module.
* Clean up build warnings on GHC 6.12.1.

* Minor refactoring

* First release