Parse and display time according to some RFCs (RFC3339, RFC2822, RFC822) https://github.com/HugoDaniel/timerep

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Hugo Daniel Gomes


This started out as a simple project to parse and display time according to RFC 3339, but with time gained ability to convert to and from other RFCs as well.

You will find a change log in CHANGES.md.


  • Get rid of the formatTime function, and use a more decent pretty printing lib.
  • Do some proper parsing (it parses nicely, but this was just a quick hack that my mind produced while being stressed to finish this).


This project is licensed under a 3-clause BSD license as specified in the LICENSE file.


Change log

  • Added non-zero day padding for RFC822

  • Compatibility with monoid-subclasses >= 0.4.1
  • Renamed github repository to match package name


  • Added initial support for RFC822