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This library provides an interface to portably work with byte arrays whose contents are known to be of a fixed endianness. There are two ways to use this module. See the System.ByteOrder module for more documentation.


Revision history for byte-order – 2024-02-01

  • Update package metadata. – 2021-02-22

  • Add a module for big-endian access to pointers.
  • Add Bytes instances for Word128 and Word256. – 2020-01-06

  • Add a Bytes instance for Word. – YYYY-mm-dd

  • Add PrimUnaligned instance for Fixed.
  • Add modules for more convenient interface to reading and writing fixed-endianness elements to byte arrays: Data.Primitive.ByteArray.LittleEndian and Data.Primitive.ByteArray.BigEndian. – 2019-05-29

  • Initial release.