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The lua package provides a Lua interpreter as well as bindings, wrappers and types to combine Haskell and Lua.


Lua is a small, well-designed, embeddable scripting language. It has become the de-facto default to make programs extensible and is widely used everywhere from servers over games and desktop applications up to security software and embedded devices. This package provides Haskell bindings to Lua, enable coders to embed the language into their programs, making them scriptable.

This package ships with the official Lua interpreter, version 5.4.6. Cabal flags allow to compile against a system-wide Lua installation instead, if desired.

Build flags

The following cabal build flags are supported:

  • system-lua: Use the locally installed Lua version instead of the version shipped as part of this package.

  • pkg-config: Use pkg-config to discover library and include paths. Setting this flag implies system-lua.

  • allow-unsafe-gc: Allow optimizations which make Lua’s garbage collection potentially unsafe; enabling this should be safe if there are no callbacks into Haskell during Lua garbage collection cycles. The flag should be disabled if Lua objects can have Haskell finalizers, i.e., __gc metamethods that call Haskell function.

    The flag is enabled per default, as Haskell functions are rarely used in finalizers. It can help to disable the flag if there are issues related to Lua’s garbage collection.

  • apicheck: Compile Lua with its API checks enabled.

  • lua_32bits: Compile Lua for a 32-bits system (e.g., i386, PowerPC G4).

  • export-dynamic: Add all symbols to dynamic symbol table; disabling this will make it possible to create fully static binaries, but renders loading of dynamic C libraries impossible.

Example: using a different Lua version

To use a system-wide installed Lua when linking lua as a dependency, build/install your package using --constraint="lua +system-lua". For example, you can install Pandoc with hslua that uses system-wide Lua like this:

cabal install pandoc --constraint="lua +system-lua"

or with stack:

stack install pandoc --flag=lua:system-lua



lua uses PVP Versioning.


Release pending.

  • Update to Lua 5.4.6.


Released 2023-03-17.

  • New module Lua.Debug: the module provides bindings to a subset of functions of the Lua debug interface. Currently the module only binds lua_getupvalue and lua_setupvalue.


Released 2023-03-13.

  • New function hslua_setwarnf: The function allows to set a C function as a hook that is called on all complete warning messages. It is intended as a simple way to set a custom warning function.

  • Export version and copyright info from Lua.Constants: the following patterns are made available, with content identical to that of the respective C functions: LUA_VERSION, LUA_RELEASE, and LUA_COPYRIGHT.

  • Added a new flag cross-compile. When enabled, the code is setup in a way that allows cross-compilation of the package, but some of the string constants will be hard-coded and may not match the Lua version against which the library is compiled.

  • Type is now an instance of Read.


Released 2022-06-19.

  • Make string-peeking independent of the current foreign encoding: always use char8 encoding to retrieve values of LUA_PRELOAD_TABLE and LUA_LOADED_TABLE.


Released 2022-02-19.

  • Update to Lua 5.4, include Lua 5.4.4 by default.

  • Removed hardcode-reg-keys flag: this is no longer required for Lua 5.4.

  • Support arbitrary number of uservalues: Lua 5.4 allows an arbitrary number of uservalues to be associated with userdata objects. The functions lua_newuserdata, lua_getuservalue, and lua_setuservalue are replaced with the new functions lua_newuserdatauv, lua_getiuservalue, and lua_setiuservalue, respectively.

    The function hslua_newhsuserdata is renamed to hslua_newhsuserdatauv and takes the number of associated uservalues as an additional argument.

  • Support for the new warnings system: export binding to lua_warning.

  • The function lua_gc now takes three data arguments of type CInt. This is a workaround for the fact that the C function has become variadic.

  • The new patterns LUA_GCGEN and LUA_GCINC are usable with lua_gc to switch to generational and incremental garbage collection, respectively.


Released 29-01-2022.

  • The functions lua_rawget and lua_rawgeti now return the type of the value that was pushed to the stack.

  • Added bindings to unsafe function lua_arith. A new type ArithOPCode for arithmetic operations is added, as are pattern synonyms for the supported operations. These are:

  • Added ersatz functions hslua_arith and hsluaL_requiref, wrapping lua_artih and luaL_requiref, respectively. Both functions catch any error resulting from the call.

  • Made types OPCode, StatusCode, and GCCode instances of type class Show.

  • The Show instances of Integer and Number now behave like those of the wrapped types. Both types are now also instance of Read.

  • Removed hslua_userdata_gc from hslua.h.


Released 2021-11-26.

  • Make sure lualib.h is available through this package. The header file contains info on how and under which name the standard library is loaded.


Released 2021-11-03.

  • Added bindings to lua_rotate and lua_version.


Released 2021-10-30.

  • Only install includes when using the Lua code shipped with the package (Ellie Hermaszewska). Cabal no longer tries to install the header files if a system-wide installation is used.


Released 2021-10-21.

  • Module hierarchy moved from Foreign.Lua.Raw to Lua.

  • Documentation has been improved.

  • Added new function withNewState to run Lua operations.

  • New modules Lua.Ersatz containing all bindings to safe ersatz functions.

  • Higher level and enum types have been removed, only the low-level “code” types are kept in this package.

  • Constants are now represented as pattern synonyms like LUA_OK.

  • Provide bindings to more functions:

    • lua_is... type-checking functions;
    • lua_pushstring to push plain CStrings;
    • auxiliary functions
      • luaL_loadfile, and
      • luaL_loadfilex;
    • unsafe functions
      • lua_gettable,
      • lua_settable,
      • lua_getglobal, and
      • lua_setglobal.
  • The function lua_pop now expects a CInt instead of a StackIndex.

  • New StackIndex constructor functions nthTop, nthBottom, nth, and top.

  • Avoid unnecessary modification of HSFUN metatable.

  • Various cleanups and test improvements.


Released 2021-02-18.

  • Initially created. Contains all modules in the Foreign.Lua.Raw hierarchy from hslua-1.3. Documentation has been improved.