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A parser for Open Financial Exchange (OFX) financial data. This handles OFX version 1.03, which is documented at This also handles QFX, which is OFX plus some minor additions made by Intuit, the publishers of Quicken.

The parser will place all the data into a tree, which you can query for whatever data you may need, although you will need to be familiar with the OFX spec to do this. There is also a Transaction type which you can easily parse from the tree; this will contain most, perhaps all, of the data you will be interested in if your OFX file is from a bank or credit card account.

All the OFX and QFX files I have seen use the format from the 1.0 series of OFX, which is primarily SGML based. OFX version 2 is XML based. This parser likely will not work on those files.