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This package contains lens lenses for the time package.

In theory, you can write lenses without depending on any lens library. However, that is more work, so this package simply depends on lens. lens is a heavyweight library, but it has nice things like Isos, which are used in this package, so I will stick with lens rather than using a more lightweight lens library like microlens.

You should also look at the lens-datetime package:

The main difference between lens-datetime and this package is that this package does not attempt to do anything fancy. For example, lens-datetime has typeclasses to allow you to access types of different values by using functions of the same name. timelens does not attempt anything like this.

Some functions or values in timelens do not obey the lens laws; everything in timelens obeys the lens laws. timelens does not attempt to do any sort of conversions or operations on dates or times.

lens-datetime does not cover all types in the time package, while timelens does.

In short, lens-datetime is more ambitious, while timelens is pretty much what you would get if the time library had included the Control.Lens.makeLenses Template Haskell splices.


This package is released under the BSD3 license. Please see the LICENSE file.

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