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list-predicate is a library for predicates (True/False queries) on lists.


The following features have been implemented and extensively tested:

  • allEqual, allEqualBy: Whether all the elements of a list are equal
  • sorted, sortedBy: Whether the elements are in sorted order.
  • allUnique, allUniqueBy: Whether the elements are all unique.
  • ascSequential, descSequential: Whether a list of Enums is ascending or descending sequentially (one-by-one)
  • palindrome: Whether the list is a palindrome

Full documentation can be built with Haddock (see instructions below). Once this package is added to Hackage, documentation will be available there as well.


Build and install with Stack:

git clone
cd list-predicate
stack build list-predicate            # build the project
stack haddock list-predicate --open   # build and view documentation
stack test list-predicate             # run the test suite


If you want to report a bug, request a feature, or suggest improvements, feel free to email me at preetham (dot) gujjula (at) protonmail (dot) com!

– Preetham


Changelog for list-predicate


Initial package, with implementations and tests for

  • allEqual, allEqualBy
  • sorted, sortedBy
  • allUnique, allUniqueBy
  • allAdjUnique, allAdjUniqueBy
  • ascSequential, descSequential
  • palindrome