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arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic

Latest on Hackage:2011.1.0.1

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BSD3 licensed by Michal Konecny (Aston University)
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Type classes abstracting typical approximate real number arithmetic operations including rounded field operations and common elementary operations. Two kinds of rounding are supported: rounding up/down in the numerical order or rounding in/out in a refinement order.

A concrete implementation of refinement order rounded operations is given for intervals in the package AERN-Real-Interval. Concrete implementations of up/down rounded operations is given in AERN-Real-Double for ordinary Double fixed-precision numbers. These can serve as interval endpoints. In a future release also MPFR arbitrary-precision numbers will be made available as interval endpoints.

This package does not compile with ghc 7.0.* due to a compiler bug that has been fixed for the 7.2.1 release. Haddock documentation can be found via


2011.1.0.1: 11th May 2011
* minor update of dependencies and documentation to reflect inability to build with ghc 7.0.*
2011.1: 6th May 2011
* initial release of a completely rewritten version of AERN-Real

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