GL plotting of polynomial function enclosures (PFEs)

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Michal Konecny (Aston University)
Maintained by
The Gtk window module expects the supplied file
to be in $(GLADE_DIR), which defaults to the current directory.

Changes 1 August 2009: adapted to new OpenGL, removed GLUT pseudo dependency 29 July 2009: renamed "demos" folder to "examples" 29 July 2009: fixed dependencies
0.2: 29 July 2009
* enabled mouse zooming and panning in the GL canvas
0.1.2: 23 February 2009
* rewrote the formerly complex and sometimes incorrect
code that assigns inspected values to dimension labels
* adapted to AERN-RnToRm 0.4.9 and to Gtk2Hs 0.10.0
0.1.1: 1 December 2008
* moved MiscSTM from here to AERN-Real so that it can be used also in AERN-Net
0.1.0: 1 October 2008
* initial release of AERN-RnToRm-Plot
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