Visualisation of Strange Attractors in 3-Dimensions

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Ruben Henner Zilibowitz <rzilibowitz at yahoo dot com dot au>

This software uses innovative techniques to achieve 3-D visualisation
of the point sets known as Strange Attractors resulting from iteration
of non-linear maps on points in Euclidean Space.

'm' -> output transform matrix
'p' -> output current point
'f' -> output frames elapsed
'r' -> post redisplay
' ' -> reset transform matrix
'c' -> randomise coefficients
's' -> select next Sprott code from list
'e' -> Enter a Sprott code on the command line
ESC -> exit

<left mouse button> -> drag mouse to translate in XY plane
<middle mouse button> -> drag mouse to scale
<right mouse button> -> drag mouse to rotate around X and Y axes

Ruben Henner Zilibowitz
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