Berkeley DB binding

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Stephen Blackheath, Erik Hesselink
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This package provides a Haskell binding for Berkeley DB, which is a fast, scalable, fully transactional database that runs on a local file system, and functions as a dictionary of arbitrary-sized binary blobs. It is NOT an SQL-based database. It is not free for commercial use.

This is a work in progress: The coverage of the Berkeley DB API is not yet complete. Tested with Berkeley DB versions 4.7 and 4.8, but should work with earlier versions.

Berkeley DB home page:

Haskell binding tutorial:

DARCS repository:

Changes: 0.7.2: Fix on db4.7 0.8: Support db4.7 and db4.8, removed C++ binding. 0.8.5: Add db_sync. 0.8.6: Fix crash in transaction commit. 0.8.7: Add dbCursor_set_range.

Contributors: Michael Stone, Balázs Jávorszky