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BSD3 licensed by Stephen Blackheath, Erik Hesselink
Maintained by, typLAB
Berkeley DB / Berkeley DB XML binding for Haskell
6 May 2011
by Stephen Blackheath

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Berkeley DB XML is a powerful, fully transactional, XML-based database that uses
XQuery as its query language. It is NOT an SQL database. It is not free for
commercial use. You can download it here:

This package provides a Haskell binding for Berkeley DB XML. It is a tolerable
subset of the API, and I hope to improve it over time. I have stuck closely to
the C++ API, with some minor changes where a Haskell idiom seemed appropriate.
I hope that people will develop higher level wrappers for it. I have had great
success with the "pickler" interfaces in the HXT library. See the adventure
example in the examples/ directory.

The binding is only about 70% complete, but it should allow you to write a fairly
serious application. If you would like a particular part of the API added,
please contact me.

To install, use the standard Cabal install procedure:

If Berkeley DB or DB XML is not installed in the default location of /usr or
/usr/local, you will need to specify the paths in this way:

cabal install BerkeleyDBXML \
--extra-include-dirs=/usr/local/dbxml-2.5.16/include/ \
--extra-include-dirs=/usr/local/dbxml-2.5.16/include/dbxml/ \

See the examples/ directory for examples.


0.6 05 Jan 2009
- Split BerkeleyDB into a separate package.
- Change to the new Control.Exception from base version 4.
0.5 13 Dec 2008
- Change all 'unsafe' to 'safe' so it'll work better in a threaded
- Change xmlDocument_getContent, xmlDocument_setContent, db_get and db_put
so they all use Data.ByteString.ByteString instead of String.
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