Libary to interface with the Bioinformatics HTTP services - Entrez Ensembl

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GPL-3.0-only licensed by Florian Eggenhofer

BiobaseHTTP Hackage Build Status

BiobaseHTTP provides functions to interface the Bioinformatics REST services - Entrez Ensembl.

NCBI Entrez provides multiple different databases and eutils.

For more information on Entrez refer to: Entrez.

Information on the webservice can be found at: NCBI books.

Information on ENSEMBL genomes API can be found here: Ensembl Genomes.

If you plan to include the library in a tool, register it as explained here.

BiobaseHTTP is the successor of the deprecated EntrezHTTP library.


1.1.0 Florian Eggenhofer <> 12 December 2018
* Changed library name to BiobaseHTTP
* Now using Biobase libraries
* Added functionality for Ensembl Genomes API requests
1.0.4 Florian Eggenhofer <> 10. August 2017
* Updated version constraints for Taxonomy
1.0.3 Florian Eggenhofer <> 12. November 2016
* Default NCBI URL now uses HTTPS
1.0.2 Florian Eggenhofer <> 23. October 2016
* Now compatible with GHC 8.0
* Travis testing for GHC 7.6 - GHC 8.0
1.0.1 Florian Eggenhofer <> 5. January 2016
* Fixed version constraints, added changelog
1.0.0 Florian Eggenhofer <> 11.September 2015
* Initial version

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