Infernal data structures and tools

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GPL-3.0-only licensed by Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen

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Low-level handling of Infernal file formats. Appropriate efficient Haskell data structures for high-performance computations with Infernal covariance models.

In particular, the _states structure provides a numerics-friendly interface to the actual model.


Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen
Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany


  • parse CM files with version 0.7 as well
  • ADPfusion-0.5.2

  • updated travis file to use stack

  • bumped dependencies, compatible to newest BiobaseXNA, PrimitiveArray

  • work-in-progress release (some features missing)

  • working CM parsing

  • type defns have changed. using phantom types to specify what kind of model we are working with

  • using conduit instead of iteratee

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