A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control

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BSD3 licensed by Oleg Kiselyov
Maintained by shelarcy

This library implements the superset of the interface described in * A Monadic Framework for Delimited Continuations, R. Kent Dybvig, Simon Peyton Jones, and Amr Sabry JFP, v17, N6, pp. 687--730, 2007.

This library is the most direct implementation of the bubble-up reduction semantics of multi-prompt delimited control. The library stands out in not being based on the continuation monad. Rather, the monad of Control.Monad.CC.CCExc is an extension of the Error monad: a monad for restartable exceptions. The library offers not one monad transformer but a family (CC p) parameterized by the prompt flavor p . The library defines several prompt flavors; the users are welcome to define their own.

See the original article at for more information.

This package split multi-prompt delimited control from for usability.

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