An algebraic data type similar to Prelude Ordering.

Latest on Hackage:2.3

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BSD3 licensed by Adrian Hey
Maintained by Adrian Hey

Typically this is used as the return type of a combining comparison, which combines two values if they are deemed equal in some sense. Currently combining comparisons are used extensively by the AVL tree package (AvlTree).


* Initial Hackage/Cabal release.
Version set to 2.1 to distinguish from the 2.0 (non-cabal) release on my home page.

2.2 (Final release)
* No code changes.
* Removed link to Haskell wiki homepage as this will never be done.
* Removed link to maintainer email.

No code changes, just reclaiming ownership and bumping version No.
Depends on 1 package:
Used by 3 packages:
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