cspm command line tool for analyzing CSPM specifications.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Marc Fontaine


This package provides the cspm executable. The cspm executable serves as a command line interface to the other CSPM-packages. It can be used to parse, translate and interpret cspm specifications and to compute the labeled transition system (LTS) of a specification.


cspm has several modes of operation:

  • ‘cspm –help’ -> print a help message.
  • ’cspm eval ‘3+4’’ -> evaluate an expression.
  • ‘cspm trace spec.csp’ -> interactively trace a process.
  • ‘cspm assert spec.csp’ -> check the assertions of a specification (only some assertions are supported).
  • ‘cspm lts spec.csp –dotOut spec.csp.dot’ -> compute the labeled transition system of a process and dump it as dot-file.
  • ‘cspm lts spec.csp –fdrOut spec.csp.fdr’ -> compute the LTS and dump it a fdr script suitable for refinement checking.

Lua Interface

cspm comes with a built-in lua interpreter.

Multi Core Support

LTS computation can demonstrate nice speed-ups on multi-core machines. Try for example ‘cspm +RTS -N7 -RTS fdr spec.csp’ to use 7 cores.

Haddock documentation

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