OpenCV based machine vision library

Latest on Hackage:0.3.7

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LicenseRef-GPL licensed by Ville Tirronen
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This is a machine vision package that wraps some functionality of OpenCV library. This package has been developed for personal use and is not meant to be a complete wrapper. It also includes some things not in OpenCV.

Currently this package is quite dirty and requires much work on documentation and code clean-up, but is somewhat tested.

(The scarce) Documentation is available at

Changelog. - Critical referential transparency bug fix.

  1. 3.5.4 - Bug fixes and preliminary compatability with opencv 2.4

  2. 3.5 - Many new wrappers, clean ups and other fixes.

  3. 3.4 - Pixelwise operations, bug fixes and additional documentation

  4. 3.3.0 - Improvements, including compatablity with opencv 2.3.1 and removal of dependency with deprecated JYU.Utils

Changelog. - Improvements, including fancier pixel-wise manipulations

Changelog. - Workaround for compiling with OS X 10.6 & fixed errors about M_PI