A client library for the DigitalOcean API

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AGPL-3 licensed by Laurie Clark-Michalek


A Haskell Digital Ocean API.

Exposes a lens based interface onto the Digital Ocean API. Fairly feature complete.

Error Handling & IO Monads

Instead of enforcing a monad to return, all functions that do IO and stuff have a type something along the lines of:

getSSHKeys :: (Error e, MonadError e m, MonadIO m) => Config -> m [SSHKey]

Translated to human, this just means that the monad m that is returned can 1) encapsulate IO, and 2) represent an error, of type e. This is useful if you want to use ExceptT or something similarly fun to represent your errors. However, for simple use, you will be relived to hear that m may be the plain old IO monad, which will represent its errors by throwing IOException exceptions.

This means, despite the confusing type signature, we may write things such as:

main = do
  auth <- fmap head getArgs -- Get the auth from the cmd line
  keys <- getSSHKeys . Config . pack $ auth -- Get the ssh keys
  putStrLn . show $ keys -- And display them

See the ./examples directory for further usage


  • Pagination
  • Tests
  • HTTP session reuse
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