GLFW utility functions to use together with monad-task.

Latest on Hackage:0.3.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Paul Liu
Maintained by Paul Liu


GLFW utility functions for use with monad-task.

See Invert the Inversion of Control for a tutorial on writing a GLFW/OpenGL application using task monad.


commit 52285c3c2d43e3c1248987ce758abf21f7e0b2ae
Author: Paul H. Liu <>
Date: Wed Jan 3 18:42:13 2018 -0800

Change version bounds for dependencies, and bump version to 0.3.0

commit 72a506278c75f6680a40e3aef5c687881c543e9d
Author: Paul H. Liu <>
Date: Fri Aug 31 16:19:50 2012 -0700

Change type of isButton. Release 0.2.0 due to incompatible API

commit 2536df7c5caa82d4426554a60bb2e38910453acc
Author: Paul H. Liu <>
Date: Fri Aug 31 12:07:45 2012 -0700

Fix transformers version requirement

commit eb896d79027d0bac5669ede1761a38bd1eebb725
Author: Paul H. Liu <>
Date: Fri Aug 31 11:32:24 2012 -0700

Some cleanups. Release

commit 033df93090b2178915731d3c0374adfa8aea6f73
Author: Paul H. Liu <>
Date: Thu Aug 30 23:15:45 2012 -0700

Release 0.1.0

commit 1f5fba30a08314a74c33b4b6eb43906e283fff83
Author: Paul Liu <>
Date: Thu Aug 30 19:37:29 2012 -0700

Initial commit
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