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BSD3 licensed by Maarten Löffler
-- GeBoP version 1.7 --

This is the readme.txt file that comes with the source code of GeBoP, version 1.7. This source consists of the following files:

* 16 Haskell source code files
* 2 Icon files
* This readme file
* 52 Bitmap images in a directory called 'images'
* 20 HTML files and a bitmap in a directory called 'help'

-- meaning of the various modules --

* Game
GeBoP works with a class Game, which is defined in the module Game. This class describes the general properties a boardgame should have. The Game module also includes the concept of a game tree, and a general algorithm to traverse this tree in order to find sensible moves.

* Ataxx, Bamp, Halma, Hex, Kram, Nim, Reversi, TicTacToe, and Zenix
These are the implemented games. Each of these modules contains an instance of the Game class.

GUI is the module that contains the GUI itself.

* Tools
This module is just an unstructured bunch of functions I use in other modules :).

This module implements the HSL color model.

* Inf
This module defines the set of integers including two extra values <+infinity> and <-infinity>

* Main
Main just imports the games and starts the GUI.

* Setup
The program used by cabal-install to install GeBoP

-- state of the program --

Version 1.7 of GeBoP is a nice and complete version. However, I could still do some work on the algorithms for playing the computer uses, and some of the games use rather naïve evaluation functions at the moment. I plan to do this some time in the near or otherwise far future.

Since you are reading this file, you are probably a Haskell programmer. If you feel like implementing your favorite game for GeBoP, please go ahead and mail it to me when you're done :)

-- me --

My name is Maarten Löffler. I am currently a researcher at Utrecht University.

I wrote GeBoP in my free time, because I like games and I like Haskell. When wxHaskell came to be, it became even more fun because of the nice graphical effects :)

website at
email at m.loffler<at>



Version 1.7.5
- Game.hs: changed call to "update" in "Game.update" to avoid confusion
with the recently introduced "update" in wxHaskell


Changes in .cabal file
- Removed upper limits for versions of Haskell Platform packages (except base)
- Added address of repository
- Removed lower limit for wxcore, as the wxcore version is defined by wx
- Added "Default-language: Haskell2010"
Other changes
- Added FlexibleContexts pragma to GUI.hs, to satisfy GHC 7.10
- Removed Byte Order Mark from GUI.hs, to satisfy GHC 7.10


Version 1.7.4
- The version info is read from the .cabal file.
- Removed upper limits for wx and wxcore version


Version 1.7.3
- Adapted to Haskell Platform 2013.2.0.0, wxWidgets 2.9.5 and
wxHaskell Amongst others, hierarchical module system
introduced. GUI.hs: staticBitmapCreate has now 0x00200000
(== wxBORDER_NONE) as style, as wxWidgets does not accept -1 as style
anymore. The clientsize of the "move now" button is not set anymore,
so the text fits. TicTacToe now repaints on resize


Version 1.7.2
- Increased the maximum version of base to < 5 .


Version 1.7.1
- Added -Wall flag in the CABAL file
- Solved all compiler warnings.
- Increased the maximum version of wx and wxcore to < 0.13 .
- Added the file changelog.txt


Version 1.7
- Adapted to wxWidgets 2.8.9 / wxHaskell
- Cabalized

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