HFuse is a binding for the Linux FUSE library. https://github.com/m15k/hfuse

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BSD3 licensed by Jeremy Bobbio
Maintained by Montez Fitzpatrick

Haskell FUSE API

Filesystem in Userspace ("FUSE") makes it possible to implement a filesystem as a userspace program.

This library is the Haskell binding to this library.


BSD 3-Clause


  • Programs using HFuse should be compiled with -threaded.
  • This now works for base 4.6+
  • Added build options support for FreeBSD (contribution by https://github.com/pesco)
  • MacFUSE should also work (https://github.com/mwotton/hfuse)
  • OSXFuse also works (https://github.com/edyu/hfuse)


All of the usual methods for installation will be supported. For Mac OS X, you must install OSXFuse first.

Installation via Hackage

cabal install hfuse

Installation for development

Can either be handled via Hackage

cabal unpack hfuse
cd HFuse-
cabal sandbox init
cabal install --only-dependencies
cabal install -fdeveloper

Or the library can be installed via Github repo

git clone git://github.com/m15k/hfuse
cd hfuse
cabal sandbox init
cabal install --only-dependencies
cabal install -fdeveloper


  • To use the sandboxes feature in Cabal your version must be higher than 1.18. highly recommended


To get a feel for HFuse, there are a number of example applications. They can be built by supplying the -fdeveloper configuration flag to Cabal.

git clone https://github.com/m15k/hfuse


HelloFS is as basic as you get. Haskell version of the canonical example from the FUSE project. Once compiled here is how you run HelloFS.

$ mkdir ~/fuseTest
$ ./HelloFS ~/fuseTest

This creates a file in the fuseTest directory. Now to test the application.

$ cat ~/fuseTest/hello
Hello World, HFuse!

To unmount issue the following command:

$ fusermount -u ~/fuseTest

Other Samples

There are other projects on hackage which use HFuse as a dependency. Check these out for a possibly richer experience than what is included with the examples folder.

If you lack for inspiration the FUSE Wiki have amassed quite the list of links to downstream projects.


Help is always welcome. Pull requests are appreciated.

If you run into any problems or bugs, please report the issue on Github


I would like to create the following examples:

  • MemoryFS.hs := In-memory file system
  • VBoxFS.hs := Mount VirtualBox disks as filesystem
  • SSHFS.hs := SSH file system




  • Fixed handling of exceptions


  • Added documentation
  • Added HelloFS example


  • Updated dependencies to run on latest base
  • Updated cabal for FreeBSD support
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