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A (prototyped) easy to use XMPP library

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BSD3 licensed by Jon Kristensen, Mahdi Abdinejadi
HXMPP aims to be an easy-to-use XMPP library for Haskell. We have just
released an initial prototyped version with the following features:

* DIGEST-MD5 SASL Authentication
* Concurrent and Event-based API for XMPP Client Developers
* Support for Info/Query and Presence Stanzas
* Interoperable XML Parsing (Using enumerator, xml-enumerator and xml-types)

Please note that we are not recommending anyone to use HXMPP at this time as
it’s still in an experimental stage and will have its API and data types
modified frequently. We have scheduled the first beta release for the 4th of
May. That being said, if you are interested to use HXMPP anyway, feel free to
contact the Pontarius project and we will try to help you get started.

We are currently working on cleaning up the code, securing the client-to-server
stream using TLS and having the library support all of RFC 3920: XMPP Core (by
for example supporting message stanzas).

We will release the next version, 0.1 Alpha 2, on the 23rd of March.

Look at the Pontarius web site <>, the HXMPP web page
<> and the HXMPP Hackage page
<> for more information.
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