Parsing and unambiguously representing musical chords. https://github.com/chordify/HarmTrace-Base

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LGPL-3 licensed by W. Bas de Haas, Jeroen Bransen and Jose Pedro Magalhaes


HarmTrace Base: Parsing and unambiguously representing musical chords

HarmTrace base is a library for representing musical chords. It is used a small number of programs. A Chordify we build our back-end in Haskell and the HarmTrace-Base library is used to represent, store, manipulate, print chords etc. Basically the library offers a set of types and classes for representing musical chords in an unambiguous manner as presented in [1].

[1] Christopher Harte, Mark Sandler and Samer Abdallah (2005), "Symbolic representation of musical chords: a proposed syntax for text annotations"
In: Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (pp. 66-71).


cabal install


stack init and stack build


Changelog HarmTrace-Base has been completely rewritten and is not compatible with software that depends on HarmTrace-Base < 1.4. Lot's of minor updates.

  • More functions to represent musical time at the beat level
  • Stricktly adhere to the Harte shortands
  • Add the option to print chords with inversions represented as notes instead of intervals
  • Minor improvements
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