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GPL licensed by Luis Francisco Araujo
Maintained by none
Hashell : A Haskell shell
Version: 0.014a
Status: Alpha


*The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
>= 6.8 <http://haskell.org/ghc>
(any version should work fine; <http://haskell.org/cabal>)
>= 1.0 <http://www.cs.uu.nl/people/daan/parsec.html>

You can build and install Hashell like any other Haskell package, through Cabal; the following example installs as the current user to one's ~/bin directory, but to install elsewhere or as root, simply change the directories or remove the --user flags, respectively:

$ runhaskell Setup configure --verbose=2 --user --prefix=$HOME/bin --datadir=$HOME/bin/share
$ runhaskell Setup build
$ runhaskell Setup install --user;

You need to have Cabal installed in your system.
Cabal will often be part of your GHC installation, but you can get a stand-alone version of Cabal from <http://haskell.org/cabal>.

NOTE! The current version of Hashell assumes you have GHC 6.8.2 installed, and that the output of 'ghc --print-libdir' = "/usr/lib/ghc-6.8.2/". If that's not the right directory, you must edit Hashell/Eval.hs and update the constant 'ghcPath'.


$ hashell


$ hashell -c <configurationfile>

You always can use the --help option for further help.

$ hashell --help

The syntax is still fluid, but roughly, ';' is a terminator; an expression starting with ':' will be treated as a load-file command; one starting with "quit" will exit Hashell; one starting with "cd" will change the working directory; and an expression enclosed in a "!()" will be passed through the GHC API and evaluated as an arbitrary Haskell expression. All other commands should be treated as programs to be run.


Luis Francisco Araujo


Changelog - Hashell (0.011a -> 0.013a)

-- Part of the parsing is now done with Parsec.
Parsec will partially substitute the majority of the parsing tasks.
-- Added a new exception handler for haskell expressions
evaluation. This fixes a bug that aborted hashell.
-- Added redirection of standard error.
-- Fixed 'quit' built-in command bug.
-- Added number identifiers to the redirections operators.
-- Added pre-liminar support for environment variables.
The support is contained into its own module.
-- Changed (_yet_ again) the syntax for sub-process evaluation
from '<|proc|>' to '(-proc-)' (without the quotes).
-- Type constraints for haskell expressions evaluations are now limited
to the ':<s,p,n,u>' notation. Values:
's' String without newline.
'p' Non-String with newline.
'n' Non-String without newline.
'u' String with newline.
-- The 'execSplitToken' function has been re-written. It is now
split into several smaller functions and with better exception handling
-- Hashell will now automatically read the configuration file with name
.hashell_config if it exists inside HOME.
-- The comments format in the hashell configuration file has changed
from '*' to '-'.
-- The command composition feature was removed.
-- Others smaller bugs have been fixed too.

Author: Luis F. Araujo
Sat Jan 7 14:55:04 VET 2006
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