An MPD client designed for a Home Theatre PC

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GPL licensed by Thomas L. Bevan
Maintained by Thomas L. Bevan

Hmpf is an MPD client designed to play music on a Home Theatre PC.
The PC should have an infrared remote and VDU display.

Hmpf allows a large music collection to be browsed with a standard remote.
It also contains a LastFM client to update your listening history to the LastFM
servers. Finally, as a last touch Hmpf is able to dynamically generate new entries
for a playlist based on style of tracks already selected.


Hmpf relies on a running MPD server, LIRC and LCDProc.


Hmpf is configured by a configuration file that is expected to be place at /etc/hmpf.conf
Look at the sample configuration for more details.

To Do:

Hmpf works nicely for me and seems fairly robust. However, more documentation
of the source files is required. The code which manages the display also
assumes a 2 x 16 display window. Finally, the way the input code is organised
it is fairly specific to the LIRC configuration I have chosen for my reomte. If
any interest is shown in the application I might rectify these shortcomings.

Hope you enjoy it.
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