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PublicDomain licensed and maintained by PHO <pho at cielonegro dot org>

HsSVN is a partial Subversion (SVN) binding for Haskell. Currently it
covers the most part of Subversion FS but others are left uncovered.

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2013-10-01 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* Subversion/Hash.hsc: Fix breakage on newer GHC.

* cbits/HsSVN.h: Fix breakage on newer Subversion.

* COPYING: Change the license of HsSVN from PublicDomain to CC0: a
strong form of public domain.

* README.rst: New file.

* configure.ac: Add option --with-subversion-prefix=PREFIX,

* HsSVN.cabal (Source-Repository): Migrate from darcs to git.

* HsSVN.cabal (Version): Bump version to

2011-07-28 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* HsSVN- Fix breakage on newer GHC and other libraries.

2010-08-06 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* INSTALL: New file that describes how to build this abnormal
package which everyone fails to build. Believe me, it's
Subversion's fault. It offers no svn-config, no subversion.pc, and
no subversion.m4.

* configure: small bugfix

* HsSVN.cabal: Bump version to

2010-02-19 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* HsSVN-0.4.3: Fixed a serious bug which leads to segmentation
fault at apr_hash_next. The hidden module Subversion.Hash was
misusing APR memory pools.

2010-02-04 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* HsSVN-0.4.2: Fix breakage on GHC 6.12.1.

2009-02-20 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* HsSVN.cabal: Fix incorrect dependency declarations.

* HsSVN.cabal: Bump version to 0.4.1

2009-01-16 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* HsSVN-0.4: Fix breakage on GHC 6.10.1. And now it requires

2008-07-20 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* configure.ac: Search for apr-1-config and apu-1-config as well.

* HsSVN.cabal: Bump version to 0.3.3

2008-03-29 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* Subversion/Repository.hsc (dumpRepository): Fix the
infinite-loop bug again... Hopefully it works now.

* HsSVN.cabal: Bump version to 0.3.2

2008-03-29 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* Subversion/Repository.hsc (dumpRepository): Fix a bug causing an

* HsSVN.cabal: Bump version to 0.3.1

2008-03-27 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* Subversion/Repository.hsc (dumpRepository): New function.

* Subversion/FileSystem/Revision.hsc (getRevisionNumber): New

* Subversion/FileSystem/Revision.hsc (getRevisionProp): Rename to

* Subversion/FileSystem/Revision.hsc (getRevisionPropList): Rename
to getRevisionPropList'

* Subversion/FileSystem/Revision.hsc (getRevisionProp): New

* Subversion/FileSystem/Revision.hsc (getRevisionPropList): New

2007-11-05 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* HsSVN-0.2: Fix breakage on GHC 6.8.1 and now it requires GHC

2007-08-25 PHO <pho@cielonegro.org>

* HsSVN-0.1: Initial release.
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