Knuth–Morris–Pratt string searching algorithm

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BSD3 licensed by Cindy Wang (CindyLinz)
Maintained by Cindy Wang
This module implements the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm.
It can search a word in a text in O(m+n) time, where m and n are the length of the word and the text.

This module can apply on any list of instance of Eq.

Donald Knuth; James H. Morris, Jr, Vaughan Pratt (1977).
Fast pattern matching in strings.
SIAM Journal on Computing 6 (2): 323–350. doi:10.1137/0206024

Sample usage:

> let
> word = "abababcaba"
> text = "abababababcabababcababbb"
> kmpTable = build word
> result = match kmpTable text
> -- the 'result' should be [4, 11]

Changes 2012.3.5
Reimplement the real KMP version, instead of the MP version.
Thank MaskRay from #haskell for noticing. 2012.3.4
Haddock fix

0.1 2012.3.2
First version
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